Sunday, 20 April 2014

Psoriasis Shout Out

I’m off on my travels again … but this time I’m hoping that some of you might join me!  If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that there is a huge event (we’re talking a ginormous, never-seen-before event) taking place in Manchester from Monday April 28th to Friday May 2nd.  It is the Psoriasis Shout Out comprising of a series of events to raise awareness and educate the public.

OK, so Manchester is not quite as glamorous as Milan, but I have a strong suspicion that it might well be lots more fun!  There is a full schedule of events planned (click here for more information) and I’m involved in two.  The first is on Wednesday 30th April at 2.30pm, where I will be giving a short five minute talk at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.   This talk (which I have yet to write *gazes out window and hopes for inspiration*) will centre on my experience of psoriasis and why I felt compelled to start this blog.  The other talks will be given by Professor Chris Griffiths, who I’m reliably informed is one of the world’s Top Three psoriasis experts, and finally a talk by my pal, actor and comedian, Toby Hadoke, who will chronicle his experience with this disease (between you and me, the event is worth attending just to hear him speak!)  After these brief talks, the floor will be open for a Q&A session, so this is your chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted answered.  And if you have a question for me, I promise to answer honestly!  If you would like to attend, please register your interest at

But then … and this is where it gets really interesting … on Friday May 2nd , there will be not just one, but two fashion shows held in the Trafford Centre in Manchester (1.30pm and 5.30pm.)  These are not just any common or garden fashion shows however.  These are fashion shows which are specifically styled for people who suffer from psoriasis and not just that! (This post is awash with exclamation marks, have you noticed?) This fashion show will be hosted by myself (what on earth will I wear?) and the models will be fellow sufferers.  How completely fabulous is that?  Regular, normal people like you and I, will be braving the catwalk in pursuit of raising awareness of psoriasis.  I am blown away by their generosity and courage.  The fashion will be styled by me (gnaws fingers anxiously!) with the help of each store and I would love if you could come along and support us.  We are all united in one wish … to bring psoriasis centre stage.  As I have approximately one day in which to match outfits to models (Dear God, what have I let myself in for?!) this probably won’t be the most professional fashion show you’ve ever seen.  What I can guarantee however, is that there will be genuine fun, laughter, helpful tips, loads of advice and a chance to see how it is absolutely possible to (here I go again!) look fabulous on even your flakiest days!

Other events throughout the week include free sessions of mindfulness and a poetry reading where psoriasis patients express how they feel.  There are flash mobs (watch out Manchester!), professional therapists and a chance to meet fellow sufferers.  In short, it’s a chance for us, Psoriasis Patients, to literally Shout Out about our condition; to make others aware; to share our experiences; and hopefully have some fun along the way.  I really hope you can make it and if you can, please, please do say hello.  I’d love to meet you!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday Wish

Just a modest wish this Wednesday for a change!  In honour of Easter week, I thought it would be nice to feature something yellow, yet amidst the plethora of extortionately priced yellow garments, my attention kept returning to this.

I’ve never been shy about my love for Massimo Dutti.  I think the clothes are fabulous, in particular their coats and jackets.  This yellow knit blazer is no exception.  Perfect to dress down with jeans and a tee, but would equally look good over black; with skinnies, palazzos or a pencil skirt or midi skirt.  The options are endless.  And the colour … well the colour is just perfect!  Happy Easter.
perfect little jacket for anyone with psoriasis


Saturday, 12 April 2014

In the Pink with Cocoa Brown Tan

There is a certain type of woman that I really envy.  You know the type.  The woman who can sling on a pair of jeans and tee shirt, throw her hair into a ponytail, lightly dab some moisturiser on her face and instantly look like she’s stepped off the cover of Vogue.   In other words - my total opposite.  In my next life I want to come back as one of those people who can jump in the shower and be ready to leave the house within ten minutes.   Sadly, in this life it takes a bit more time and effort to achieve a presentable effect.  Throw psoriasis into the mix and then you can really start to tot up the minutes.  Between emulsifying ointment, body creams, steroids, and God knows how many lotions, potions, salves and unguents, the daily shower routine becomes a real chore.  

For this reason, any extra beauty regime is just a pain in the ass!  Hell, you can even keep your facials!  Psoriasis patients spend so much time each and every day looking after their skin, that any extra maintenance is certainly not classed as a luxury.  So imagine my excitement when I discovered a multi-tasking product that actually works.  Drum Roll please … introducing Cocoa BrownTan Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan

Call me lazy, but the main reason I love this is so much, is that it doesn’t require any extra work on my part.  I moisturise everyday as it is.  So it was simply a case of swopping my usual moisturiser for this and ta dah!  Within a few days a light golden tan colour appeared.   No need to faff around with fake tan.  No worrying about streaks.  It’s paraben free, so no worries about reactions.  Just apply as you would any moisturiser and no further work or thought required.  Now that’s my kinda’ beauty product!  And, and, and ... as my psoriasis slowly (oh soooo slowly!) starts to heal, this tan does a very impressive job of concealing.  Result!

So in honour of Cocoa Brown Tan, I thought I’d use this opportunity to show you a new pink top that I purchased in TK Maxx recently.  For some reason and much to my serious amusement, I seem to resemble an American Football player in these photos – I promise that in reality, I’m not quite so broad!  I bought this top last month in the optimistic hope that the skin would be clear enough to show off my arms.  And is it?  Well, it’s not 100% clear yet … but all things are relative, so in my world, this is clearer than they have been for a very, very long time.

I paired it with a pair of Sandwich jeggings, Mary Portas for Clarks peep-toe boots, Oasis leather clutch and a bracelet from Knightsbridge Boutique.

My Best American Footballer Impression …

Did I mention it’s longer at the back …

Now if only the elbows would hurry up and clear …

And finally … a quick psoriasis update.  When last I posted about my progress, I cheerfully announced that I was on the fully daily dose of my medication.  Oh bless me and my (always 100%) cotton socks.  Not so much!  Progress was deemed to be disappointingly slow and so my daily dose was increased … and then increased again.  I tell you people, right now if you shake me, I rattle!    At this stage I’m on the final weeks of the experiment.  If on my next visit (seven weeks from now) I don’t have completely pristine, 100% clear skin, my medications will change.  Which in terms of side effects, may bring me back to square one again.  Which is rather disappointing.   But heigh ho – onwards and upwards.  Clear skin will be mine eventually.

Have a lovely weekend.  Did I mention I’m off to Zurich to meet my sister?  I’ll report back next week.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wednesday Wish

I have stated before that I’m really not a fan of Louis Vuitton … or to be more precise, his logo collection.  However, there is one enormous exception to this fact and that is the Louis Vuitton scarves.  Let us pause for a moment and wonder at their beauty!

For a change, this is not me lusting from afar.  These I have seen up close and personal.  Sadly, not because I own one (yet), but I do have a friend who has one.  And they are beautiful. Every other scarf seems limp and light and cheap by comparison.  Which to be fair, they are!  Because how could high street scarves compete with the luxury of this crepe silk?

And this is my favourite.  The first time I saw it was in a magazine – worn by Jennifer Aniston with a simple white tee and jeans.  I could have wept with envy!  Quite how this hasn’t made it onto my Wish List before now is a wonder!  Because without a doubt, it’s in my Top Ten; quite possibly my Top Five!